New LP!

Life happens.  And it happened.  But, kinda like a kidney stone, it passed. 

In the meantime, the music kept coming out - Jones just doesn't stop that. Recording snatches here and there, he kept noodling songs into existence.  Snippets turned into tracks.  

Now it's an entire LP's worth of tracks, worthy of following up the critical darling that was Comfort Creatures.  

What if it was a real album?   

It was packaged up and sent for mastering.  A track list was formed.   

A title came out:   

Occult Years

Now he's putting together the cover.  

It's a real thing then, no more what ifs - Coming soon, we're hoping September 2018.  Just in time for school.

Check out the pre-release track, "in springtime", here an on Soundcloud.