Minnis 2 Society

Just in time for... more quarantine news, David was interviewed by the good folks at Minnis 2 Society where they grilled him on upcoming music and other collaborations.  

Check it!

The Cemetarian EP

Without a single stitch of publicity, Jones has dropped his latest EP, "The Cemetarian": 

The consensus is it's positively stunning - Check it out on Spotify.

Super Collider Ovrlded!

Occult Years releases a mere 10 days from now, but Nick Hanover over at Ovrld premiered the first track, "Super Collider", then wrote some nice things about it.  Check it:



Occult Years

... is the title of the new LP, scheduled to hit November 13.

Preview tracks our available on Soundcloud.  Check it!

New LP!

Life happens.  And it happened.  But, kinda like a kidney stone, it passed. 

In the meantime, the music kept coming out - Jones just doesn't stop that. Recording snatches here and there, he kept noodling songs into existence.  Snippets…